People in Windsor's Ward 7 will choose a new councillor in three weeks.

There are 11 candidates vying for the empty seat. It's the highest number of candidates running for a single seat in 20 years.

CBC Windsor's municipal affairs expert Cheryl Collier says that number of people running is a good sign that there's interest in municipal politics, but also poses challenges.

"Even trying to figure out what those people stand for [is difficult]," Collier said. "In municipal politics you don't have partisan labels that help short cut things on party platforms. It's hard to get that information ... unless you're digging on your own."

Collier said debates to date haven't drawn huge interest or high numbers.

"We're looking at a not a lot of people getting information on this," Collier said.

Candidates include two women; one visible minority; several business owners; a couple of people in healthcare; and some with political experience

"On the policy front, I don't see a lot of distinction among the 11," Collier said.

She said there are no "big knock-out ideas" and all seem pretty happy with current council.

Collier said none of the candidates wants to raise taxes but that most have infrastructure wishes

"That would be hard to pay for without money," Collier said.

Collier expects voter turnout to be "very low."

She said municipal elections are generally bad for voter turnout anyway - by-elections even more so.