Coffee shop pitched for Forest Glade library

Ward 7 Coun. Irek Kuzmiercyk wants to add a coffee to the local branch of the Windsor Public Library in Forest Glade.

Ward 7 Coun. Irek Kuzmiercyk thinks it's needed and could be sustained

Windsor Public Library's acting CEO Chris Woodrow talks about the idea of a coffee shop in the Forest Glade branch of the library. 0:58

The Forest Glade community has a park, a hockey rink, baseball diamonds and a library all in one area.

But a city councillor says there's just one thing missing: a place to get a cup of coffee.

Ward 7 Coun. Irek Kuzmiercyk wants to add a coffee to the local branch of the Windsor Public Library there.

"Coffee shops are more than coffee shops in Canada. They're social meeting places," he said.

Kuzmiercyk says the Forest Glade Arena already sees foot traffic. So does the rink, tennis courts, the community centre and baseball diamonds.

"You already have the people here. That's what would differentiate Forest Glade's library from all others," he said.

Area residents Shantelle Walters likes the idea of a coffee shop at the library.

"I think it would be wonderful," she said. "I love coffee, all the time, all day long and I think it would make people stay here longer."

Chris Woodrow, the acting CEO of the Windsor Public Library says it's not so simple.

"It’s a great idea. What we have to do is decide whether it’s feasible and conduct a business review.," he said. "Depending on what that outcome is, we’ll move forward.

"We’re always looking to add services to our libraries and make them places where the public would like to come to visit. A café would add another service."

Woodrow warns the library isn't overly big, however.

"We have very little space in there as it is for programming," he said. "So squeezing a cafe in there wouldn't be a good use of space in my mind."

That's not to say the nearby community centre couldn't house a cafe.

According to the library, the city's culture and recreation department is currently working  on a proposal to serve up a cup at Forest Glade community centre.

Coffee shops in libraries and arenas are nothing new.

In 2012, Balzac’s Coffee opened at the Toronto Reference Library on Yonge Street. The University of Guelph has a Tim Hortons kiosk at its twin arena. 

The main branch of the Windsor Public Library had a coffee shop at one time. The lease expired in 2013 and wasn't renewed because there was, at that time, plans to move the library branch into the Art Gallery of Windsor.


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