Members of the Coast Guard and the Detroit Police Department rescued a woman in the Detroit River Wednesday evening.

A security guard from Detroit River Walk Security called a search-and-rescue controller at Coast Guard at 5:30 p.m. to report a woman in the water by W. Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.

Officers from the Detroit Police Department were first on the scene but were unable to conduct the rescue with the supplies and personnel on hand.

The Coast Guard ice rescue team on scene then joined the effort.

Team members entered the water, placed the woman in a rescue sling and hoisted her out of the water over a wall about 4 feet high.

The woman was reportedly conscious but unresponsive.

The rescuers then treated the woman for symptoms of hypothermia.

Detroit emergency medical services personnel then transferred the woman to Detroit Receiving Hospital a half hour later.

"This case was unusual but, because of our training and the great teamwork among first responders, it was a successful rescue," said Petty Officer 3rd Class Jakob Hansen, Station Belle Isle ice rescue team member. "We improvised with our normal rescue techniques and conducted a difficult rescue under difficult circumstances and, because of what we did, this woman is still alive."