Crews arrive this week to begin demolition of the old hospital, which may be replaced by a church.

Windsor city councillors say it's too early to tell what may be built on land the the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church owns at Walker Road and E.C. Row if it's handed over to the city.

The city has proposed trading the for Grace Hospital site at the intersection of University and Crawford avenues for the former industrial land.

The Greek community recently acquired re-zoning rights to turn the 12 acres into a community hub.

"Our primary focus is the Grace site," said Coun. Fulvio Valentinis. "If someone were to come to us and say, 'here's the money, we'll develop it' - great. If someone comes and says, 'we'll give you some money,' I say, we'll have to look at it. And that's really where it's at."

The Greek church is scheduled to meet with Mayor Eddie Francis on Sunday and vote on whether to make the deal. At least two thirds of its membership will have to support it the proposal for it to be approved. The group bought the land two years ago.

The church persident declined an interview with the CBC.

But a real estate expert speculates the city would benefit from a trade.       

"I'm thinking something more in government, like a mega-hospital they've been talking about," said Chris Kambouris. "I see it as an ideal location for something like that - something in the medical field - being close to the expressway, the 401, the airport."

In the meantime, crews arrive this week to begin demolition of the old hospital.