A fence more secure than this one will soon encompass the Grace Hospital site. (CBC News)

The old Grace Hospital site will soon be better secured.

Windsor city council voted Tuesday night to build a fence around it.

Not everyone was in favour of the idea. The city solicitor said getting involved puts the city at risk of a lawsuit.

Coun. Hilary Payne sided with the solicitor.

"I don't think we should adopt a motion which places a potential liability on all the taxpayers; and which is against the specific recommendation of the city solicitor. If we're going to do that, what is the point of having a city solicitor?" Payne said.

The Ministry of Labour called off clean-up work last month after finding asbestos in the building.

That has to be removed or secured before the ministry will allow work to continue. It could cause a delay of at least five or six weeks.