The City of Windsor is again reminding victims of basement flooding there is a fast-track option to help them protect their homes more quickly.

City engineer Mark Winterton says about 3,700 people have signed up for the traditional subsidy program following record-breaking rains on August 39 that caused flood damage to more than 6,000 homes in Windsor-Essex.

That tidal wave of applications has created a backlog of six to eight months for a courtesy inspection that could be cut down by taking the fast track. 

flood damage

Piles of flood damaged goods took weeks to remove after water rushed into thousands of basements in Windsor-Essex. (Colin Cote- Paulette/CBC News )

"Have your plumber go and do the assessment and fill out the permit," he explained. "They will get their permit almost immediately to proceed with the work. While there is some risk to the public in doing this, certainly a qualified plumber would know whether the application or the program would be applicable to them."

Winterton added more than 1,000 homeowners have chosen the fast-track option.