Windsor city council is being encouraged to allow the downtown farmers market to stay at Charles Clark Square.

A city committee is recommending city council waive the fees for the next three years to allow the market to use the space.

Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac spoke out against it.

"Charles Clark Square was not purpose-built for farmers markets. It was built for a variety of things," she said. "I think by committing to a three year term and waiving the fees, definitely it's our property. There will not be money expended, but there will be no revenue coming in either."

Gignac used other markets in Windsor as examples.

"I know for sure that there is a market in Riverside, where I live," she said. "I know that there is an established market in the Drouillard area, and I know that those groups do not get any assistance providing that kind of a service to the people in those areas."

The annual fees amount to $9,000.

There's a concern the farmers' market will not get funding from the business improvement association, as it did this year.

The market ends its season this Saturday.