A new citizens group is asking the city to allow a company to tear down more than 100 vacant homes near the Ambassador Bridge.

Members call themselves the Boarded Up Houses Demolition Action Group.

They want the city to allow the demolition of the abandoned houses, many of which are reportedly owned by Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun.

Hilary Payne is one of the organizers of the group lobbying the city to allow boarded-up houses to be demolished.

Payne used to be the city's chief administrative officer. He works as a realtor now and owns property in the Indian Road area.

"It’s really a crying shame, because a street like Indian, if you’ve been down there, can be a very attractive street," Payne said. "It could be a very attractive street again if it had a green strip along the east side instead of a whole row of boarded-up, rotting houses."

The group plans to demonstrate at city hall before the weekly council meeting Monday night. After that, members said they would meet with their lawyer to plan their next move.

The city has refused to allow demolition because it fears the bridge company wants to build a new span across the Detroit River, something council has opposed.