The Chrysler Pacifica is getting a green light from the editors of Green Car Reports. They've chosen the 2018 model as the 'Best Car to Buy.'

"I think that's awesome," said Sean Hart, founder and chair of Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association. "It's great for Windsor, being where the car is made, it's something we can be proud of."

The vehicle is the only minivan on the market right now that can plug into a wall to charge up, explained Hart. He added it's filling a gap in the electric market right now, because it's suitable for families. 

"A lot of the plugin cars on the market right now are mid-sized. They tend to be sedans or smaller cars — you don't find a lot in the larger vehicle segment and really there's nothing else in the minivan segment," said Hart. 

The Pacifica Hybrid is able to drive about 53 km using electric power, at which point a gas engine can turn on to power the van. 

"So for running around town for day to day driving you hardly ever need to use gasoline you can just use electricity which is obviously a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly," said Hart.

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