A family home on Windsor's east side was destroyed by fire early Friday morning when the Christmas tree caught fire.

Several fire trucks were dispatched to 2318 Meighen Rd. around 2 a.m. Everyone escaped safely, but a woman and child were sent to hospital for observation.

The flames spread quickly causing so much damage the house will have to be demolished, said Lee Tome from Windsor Fire and Rescue.

"Apparently, the lights on the tree were on, but we're not going to be able to pinpoint the damage," said Tome. "Everything in that area was consumed - extensive damage to the home. It went through the roof and the home was destroyed."

The family awoke to a crackling sound and then noticed the flames.

"It was a real Christmas tree, and we believe the fire originated at the tree and quickly spread from there," said Tome

It took fire crews 90 minutes to put it out, and damage was estimated to be around $150,000.