A group in Chatham-Kent wants to build an outdoor museum to celebrate Chief Tecumseh.

The $4-million interpretive centre would be built on the site of the Battle of the Thames, where the Shawnee chief was killed during the War of 1812.

Lisa Gilbert is chair of Friends of the Tecumseh Monument. She said Chief Tecumseh is a hero to Canadians and the First Nations.

"What we intend to do is [create] an eight-acre site and we intend to build an open air museum," she said.

Gilbert says the museum, using a boat-like structure that will overhang the river, will tell the story of the battle.

The group hopes to raise money quick enough to ensure the museum will be open on the bicentennial of Tecumseh's death.

Earlier this week, the Windsor Community Museum unveiled a flag that many said was flown by Tecumseh — perhaps even covered him after his death — during the Battle of the Thames.