A typical chicken's diet consists primarily of grains, according to the Chicken Farmers of Canada. These chickens were found pecking at fallen birdseed in a man's backyard. ((Windsor/Essex County Humane Society))

Two chickens found wandering the streets of Windsor, Ont., are being transferred to a farm sanctuary near Stratford on Saturday.

The chickens were rescued by the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society on Sept. 25 after a man spotted them pecking at fallen birdseed in his backyard and called them in.

The young chickens "weren't very difficult to catch," said Melanie Coulter, the WECHS's executive director.

"These guys were actually just wandering around," she said. "They were just munching."

Though she referred to them as guys, Coulter acknowledged she does not know the sex of the chickens. Riley and Casey, as they are now called, are still too young to have distinguishable male or female characteristics.

"It was an unusual call" for the humane society to receive, Coulter said.

"They're not allowed in the city of Windsor, but there are some people in the county who keep pet chickens," she said.

Coulter does not know who owned the birds. Windsor police received no reports of missing chickens.

The city banned the keeping of chickens and other domestic fowl on March 18, 1985. Violation of that bylaw could result in a fine of $100.

The Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary is a family-run farm located 20 kilometres southwest of Stratford.

Coulter volunteers there.

"They will live out their lives in peace," she said. "They'll get to live out their lives with other chickens."