Chatham-Kent MPP Rick Nicholls is continuing his push for cameras on school buses and says he is disappointed with the push back he's getting from the provincial Liberals. 

"Any school bus operator will tell you that drivers regularly speed past stopped school buses when the lights are flashing and stop arm is extended as they pick up children," said Nicholls in a release. "This happens every day."

Rick Nicholls

Chatham-Kent MPP Rick Nicholls said drivers blow by stopped school buses every day. (Rick Nicholls)

It happened in Windsor and Essex County this week when a white car blew by a slowing school bus on Manning Road.

Mother Lauren Wells was waiting for her children to get off the bus and captured the incident on her smart phone and shared it on social media. "I was shocked," Wells told CBC News. "My daughter was right there on the stairs, waiting to get off the bus."

Police are investigating the incident but have not yet located the white vehicle or its driver.

Mom says close call shows need for cameras

Wells said the incident highlighted the need for cameras on school buses.

"If there was a camera on the bus the guy would have been ticketed and that would have been the end of the story," said Wells.

Nicholls tabled Bill 94 last year, which would have seen cameras installed on school buses, but he blames the Liberal government for stalling its progress.

He has collected hundreds of signatures on a petition. "Blow-bys are a huge concern to my constituents and to all Ontarians," said Nicholls.