Charges in alleged Windsor gay bashing

Police in Windsor, Ont., have charged a man in connection with a vicious assault on a man who says he was attacked because he is gay.
Video surveillance footage shows two men leaving Chris Rabideau's apartment building as he is on the floor in the lobby behind them. ((Windsor Police Service))

Police in Windsor, Ont., have one man in custody who is charged in connection with a vicious assault on a man who said he was attacked because he is gay.

Chris Rabideau was robbed and beaten outside his downtown apartment early Friday morning.

Two suspects were captured on video by the building's surveillance camera.

Windsor police confirmed Tuesday that Stephen Lambert, 45, of no fixed address is charged with robbery, choking, assault causing bodily harm, forcible confinement, mischief and resisting arrest. 

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Michael Allard, 27, of Vanier Street in Windsor.  He is wanted for robbery, assault causing bodily harm, forcible confinement, mischief, and escaping lawful custody.

"We'll put whatever efforts we can to investigate them," said police Chief Gary Smith, who did not release any other information.

"It's no different than any other group within this city. We're here to protect anybody and everybody. That doesn't matter where they come from....That's a terrible beating, regardless of a person's lifestyle."

Accused tried to remove tattoos

Windsor police are looking for Michael Allard, 27, of Windsor in connection with the beating of Chris Rabideau. ((Windsor Police Service))
Police said they received a tip that Allard and Lambert were hiding out in an eighth-floor apartment in a building in the 900 block of Ouellette Ave. 

At 9 p.m. Monday, officers entered the apartment but watched as both men ran to the balcony and climbed over onto the balcony below.

They went through the apartment on the seventh floor and into the hallway in an effort to escape, said police.

Officers tackled Lambert and arrested him after a brief struggle.

Police said Lambert had tried to change his appearance by shaving his head and trying to remove the tear drop tattoos under his right eye.

Police are still looking for Allard.

'I want people to see the face of hate'

Rabideau, 26, has a concussion, a broken nose, black eyes and a badly swollen face.

"I want people to see the face of hate," Rabideau told CBC News.

Chris Rabideau displays injuries he says he received when he was attacked by two men who robbed and beat him, he believes, because he is gay. ((CBC))
"I want them to look into me, and look at what people who hate people, and who are not sensitive to other people's needs, what it does and what it looks like."

Rabideau walked in a Pride march along Windsor's Riverfront on Victoria Day.

"I won't lie," said Rabideau. "I am feeling not well right now, but I see the higher purpose right now, so I am hanging in there."

Mayor says crime won't be tolerated

Mayor Eddie Francis was asked about the assault yesterday during the city's birthday celebrations by the river.

Video surveillance footage shows a man who appears to be choking Chris Rabideau. ((Windsor Police Service))
"What I have to say to the guys that did that, I don't think you can publish," the mayor said.

"I trust the police and justice system will do what they need to do.…This type of action is not tolerated in this community. This type of crime is something that we will stand up against in this community."