A transportation policy to be released by the Windsor Regional Chamber of Commerce on Thursday calls on the federal government to do everything possible to make sure the new international bridge is built.

The report focuses on business priorities.

Bill Anderson, the chairman of the chamber's transportation committee, said the chamber does not want to see delays in construction of the new border crossing due to what it called "frivolous" lawsuits.

He said the bridge is the No. 1 priority.

Anderson said there are certain aspects of the design and implementation the chamber would like to see.

"It would include things like trying to have a full lane all the way across the bridge that have had some sort of pre-clearance under one of the trusted trader programs that the U.S. and Canada use," Anderson said.

As well, the policy recommends completion of the Lauzon Corridor to Highway 401.

Anderson said that would provide better access to the highway and then to the border.

In order to improve freight rail access, the chamber is urging the federal and provincial governments to support the construction of a new detroit river rail tunnel:

"We encourage a second look at the question of high-speed rail taking into account some of the technologies that are less expense and make high-speed rail viable, especially trying to use the tunnel that is available, to make a link across the Detroit River," Anderson said.

The chamber also encourages Windsor Airport to continue its efforts to expand passenger services and to attract air cargo service.