Members of the CAW have ratified new three-year contracts at Chrysler supply plants in Windsor, Ont.

Workers at TRW and HBPO voted in favour of the terms on the weekend.

The deals ensure parts will continue to be supplied to Chrysler's Windsor Assembly Plant where the automaker builds its flagship minivans.

Rick Laporte, the outgoing president of CAW Local 444, said the new agreements improve wages and benefits. The salary increase amounts to nine percent over the three years, plus a signing bonus.

"Both of those workplaces, we secured a letter from Chrysler securing those jobs over the life of the agreements," Laporte said.

TRW makes rear- and front-end suspensions for the minivans. HBPO produces front-end modules.

Laporte said the union's focus is on Oakley to negotiate an agreement similar to the ones ratified at the other plants. Oakley assembles tires and rims.

He said it looks difficult but is confident that a new deal can be struck.