Catholic board trustees sat in the audience at Tuesday night's meeting while the provincially-appointed supervisor chaired the first public gathering.

Norbert Hartmann received reports and status updates on the day-to-day operations from Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board administration and board members.

"This information will be used as part of the decision-making process for the recommendations that staff made. So I will consider what staff recommended," said Hartmann. "I would have considered any delegations that had come forward. There were none and I will be consulting with the trustees to get their advice on how we should proceed on the recommendations of staff."

Strategic plan priorities, enrolment and an annual status report will all be used in the long-term strategy, he said.

"We can't just have hopes and we just can't have reality. Only hope means you daydream a lot. Lots of reality means you get very cynical and so you've got to meld those two and find some of the vital middle that a community can come together on," said Hartmann. "That's what that process is all about. Where are we going? What kind of ways could we get there? What can we agree upon?"

He will also work on a discussion paper that will lead into next spring's budget.

Hartmann said he will make some executive decisions based on staff input by Friday.