The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is actively recruiting foreign students to come here to learn.

The board currently has 88 international students enrolled. They come from Spain, Mexico and South America, among other places.

Students pay about $11,500 tuition. It's about what the school board gets from the province for each Ontario student.

The school board says the program boosts enrolment and that it's offering a cultural experience for everyone.

"It's really a neat experience for our students to learn about their culture and its just as much a learning experience for them," chief communications officer Sherrylynne Colley-Vegh. "They really get a big opportunity for arts and sports and other things that, in some countries, are all outside of school. So if their parents can't afford it, they don't have those opportunities."

Colley-Vegh travels overseas about twice a year to recruiting fairs and to deal with agencies that organize groups of students to come here.

The board is currently recruiting students from China and South Korea.

Andy Liu is came to Canada from Hong Kong in September. He's in Grade 12 at Assumption high school. He came to Canada to learn English.

"I realize how important English is in society so I just decided to move here," Liu said.

Some students, like Virginia Orrillo of Spain, come here on scholarship.

"I like it so much. It's very nice. The people and the country and everything," she said. "It's very cold. But it's nice."
Stephanie Rodriguez is from Guatemala

"Coming here, it's more open and accepting," she said. "I really like Canada."

International students are billeted through a firm hired to find homes. Parents get $700 to pay for the costs. The board is looking for more biller families.

The Greater Essex County District School Board doesn't have an active recruiting program, but they do have about 30-40 international students attending and paying tuition.

The public board is looking at whether it should launch it's own recruiting drive.

"A cost-benefit analysis would have to be done and then we would have determine if we are going to pursue it actively," public relations officer Scott Scantlebury said.