The future of a number of Catholic elementary schools in Windsor-Essex is becoming clearer.

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board director of education Paul Picard, released his reports on the accomodation review study for Windsor, Amherstburg and Lakeshore.

Committees made up of parents, staff, and the public have been working on the reports since last November.

The recommendations are as follows:

For Windsor

  • That St.Alexander close.
  • That W.J. Langlois, which is already an open concept school, be renovated to include classrooms so it can include students from St. Alexander in the next school year.

For Amherstburg

  • That St. Theresa close.
  • That St. Bernard be renovated so it can include students from St. Theresa in the next school year.
  • And that Stella Maris stay open, for the time being.

For Lakehore

  • That Our Lady of Annunciation stay open - until a new school can be built in partnership with  French Catholic School board or another Catholic board.
  • That a boundary review be done next year  to balance the student populations of St.John the Evangelist, Holy Name in Essex, St. William and St.John the Baptist.
  • If that can't be done, St. John the Evangelist will close and its students will move to St.John the Baptist in 2013.

Members of  general public from each area are  invited to give their input at special area meetings in May.

The board of education will make its final decision at  a public meeting on June 26.