Windsor police have seized a car and taken an 18-year-old into custody as part of their investigation of an east-end shooting.

Police seized a 2004 silver Mazda they say has ”fresh” bullet holes in the driver’s side.

The car was towed to police headquarters and police are working to obtain a warrant to search the car.

An 18-year-old man police say was in the driver’s seat was taken into custody.

Police allege the 18-year-old was holding a 16-year-old in the car earlier in the day and “attempting to coerce a confession out of him about the shooting,” a media release said, in part.

Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Matt D’Asti said the 16-year-old’s claim of coercion and the damage to the car “are enough to put the car at the scene, we believe.”

“Forcible confinement charges are expected to be laid sometime [Tuesday] against the 18-year-old suspect,” the media release said.

Windsor police say two guns could have been involved in a weekend shooting on the city's east end.

Windsor police began investigating the alleged gunfire after bullet holes were found in the fender of a car and house windows.

Scott Gillen lives on the street, and later found a bullet hole in his front window.

"I think some of the tenants aren't the best tenants," he said. "Something went down with them and their friends or something."

Officers were called late Saturday afternoon after someone found a bullet hole in a fender while the vehicle was being washed.

During the investigation, several neighbours spoke to police about hearing popping noises just before 1 a.m. Saturday in the 200 block of Belleview Avenue.

About the same time, 10 people were allegedly seen coming from the back of a house on Belleview Avenue.

One witness reported seeing a dark vehicle speeding away after.

While canvassing the neighbourhood, police then found bullet holes in the front windows of two homes on that street and several brass casings in a driveway.

"When a firearm is discharged it's a potentially very dangerous situation," Windsor police spokesperson Sgt. Matt D'Asti said. "That's why we feel it's very important for anybody who might have information to definitely give us a call so that we can do our part in keeping our community safe and get the firearm off the street."

The bullet hole in Gillen's house was in the window of a playroom.

"There are families with young kids around," Gillen said. "You know, just an inch to the left or an inch to the right and somebody could have died. It's unsettling. I've been here for 10 years and nothing has ever happened."