The first step has been taken to establish a cancer research treatment centre in Windsor.

Dr. Caroline Hamm is a medical oncologist at Windsor Regional Hospital and said a mandate has been established among doctors and researchers.

"The mandate is to — it's multi-pointed — develop a cancer research community in Windsor and to tie together London and the United States as well, to bring us all together to build a stronger research community here."

Hamm is already involved in a research project looking into whether dandelion root extract has cancer-fighting properties.

A conference was held on the weekend to discuss establishing a cancer research treatment centre in the city.

The group was looking for new ways to  treat and cure various forms of cancer.

Dr. Lisa Porter is a scientific director with the Windsor Cancer Research Group and a university biology professor, who sees the need for the new centre.

"We know that cancer research is the thing we need to stay at the forefront of when it comes to cancer care in Windsor," she said. "As the research continues to evolve. we have to figure out ways to keep up and stay on the cutting edge of edge of things."