More than 200 awards have been handed out to high school students who attended the Canada-Wide Science Fair at the University of Windsor.

The winner for best project is a 16-year-old boy from Ottawa.

Daniel McInnis invented a low-cost 3D printer that could benefit amputees.

"The next step is taking what was a project and developing it as a business and how I can impact the engineering and hobbyist markets, as well as the market for amputees," McInnis said.

Judith Soon is a judge who helped pick a winner.

"It was so practical and yet so ingenious," Soon said of McInnis' project. "That's the really wonderful leap of imagination students often have when they take something traditional and it's a quirk in their mind that allows them to be so very inventive."

Windsor's Tasnia Nabil won a silver medal.

She found a way to improve the efficiency of residential solar collectors, allowing them to better heat water.

"The entire world just stopped, like I'm the only one in the world," she said of hearing her name announced.