Canada Post has confirmed work currently done in Windsor will be moved to a processing plant in London.

General manager of communications of delivery, John Hamilton, said the Walker Road plant will now focus on parcels and direct marketing mail.

Letter processing will be moved from Windsor to London where they will be processed mechanically.

"Windsor residents shouldn’t notice a change in service," Hamilton said.

Approximately 140 people work at the Walker Road plant. Hamilton said jobs will eventually be lost through attrition and the number of employees will eventually drop to match workload.

"Employees [currently] there have been guaranteed job security," Hamilton said.

Brian Masse, the NDP MP for Windsor West, claims 80 sorting jobs will eventually be lost.

"These changes are driven by the fact that mail volumes have been in steep decline for the past six years, a trend which is expected to continue," Canada Post said in an emailed statement to CBC Windsor. "In Windsor, the corporation informed employees of two local initiatives [Tuesday] morning."

The changes at Walker Road will come into effect Feb. 18.

The Old Sandwich Towne Canada Post office at 3201 Sandwich St. is also in jeopardy of closing.

Hamilton said no final decision will be made for 30 days.

Canada Post has allowed for a 30-day public consultation period. A notice informing customers of potential closure is posted in the office’s window.

"Daily traffic has been dropping every single year there," Hamilton said. "Sales have been dropping at the same time. The numbers show that over five years business has dropped by 25 per cent."

Hamilton said including the Sandwich Towne office, there are five offices within five kilometres of each other on the west end.

Two people work full-time at the office. Hamilton said they, too, have job security.

"We would find other work for them," Hamilton said.

Mary Ann Cuderman, chair of the Old Sandwich Towne Business Improvement Association, said the closure would be devastating on two fronts.

She said it would hurt services in the neighbourhood and that the building is historical.

Canada Post has tried to close the office in the past. Cuderman said rallies were held and stopped such action. She expects similar protests again this time.

"I’m sure we’ll have more comments as we go along, from the BIA and the workers," Cuderman said.

Masse said he wishes the public was consulted sooner.

"We'd like to see a constructive dialogue and debate and discussions with Canada Post. But we’re starting from a position of actually closing it as opposed to asking 'how do we keep it open?'" Masse said. "We have a Sandwich BIA that could have been approached about this."