Buses in Windsor and Essex County are cancelled today, and that's because "spotters" across the region have decided the roads are not safe enough.

CBC News spoke with spotter Pat Stevenson, owner of G & L Stevenson Transportation, to see how that decision gets made. 

Stevenson is one of 21 people in Windsor and Essex county who drive the roads early in the morning to determine if conditions are safe for school buses to run.

Stevenson started his day at about 4:30 a.m. when he hit the bus routes around the city and county.

Despite warnings that Windsor would receive buckets of snow today, Stevenson said spotters need to see it for themselves. 

"We've had cases where the weather [reporters] aren't correct — where the snow doesn't show up  with what they predicted. We like to make sure we've got our eyes on it the morning of."

He said spotters look for several things like snow cover, slippery conditions, how heavy the snow is coming down and if the day will continue to deteriorate.