Richard Fryer wants to know why buses ran in snowy conditions last week, but says his colleagues on Amherstburg Town Council aren't interested.

The councillor's questions come after three buses carrying students slid into snowy ditches on Feb. 7 and a fourth was involved in a collision.

Fryer recommended that Windsor-Essex Student Transportation Services, the body which decides whether or not the weather is too bad for buses to run, come before council, but his suggestion was turned down.

Now he's considering approaching the bus consortium on his own.

"I will probably try myself and ask around to the organization itself but from what I'm hearing from our council, they're not interested in hearing anymore because they feel it's not our mandate when, in my own opinion, we represent the residents and by representing residents, we should be looking for answers," Fryer explained.

Bus Crash, Windsor

A school bus carrying students home from Assumption high school ended up in the ditch along Schoolhouse Road, the third bus to get stuck in snowy conditions on Feb. 7. (Kegun Morkin)

He added part of his reasoning for bringing the issue to council was because no one was hurt this time and wanted to know more before something worse happens.