The woman found dead under a Lincoln Road porch in Windsor, Ont., was identified as Patricia Beaulieu, 46. ((CBC))

The man accused of burying his dead girlfriend under his back porch pleaded guilty to causing an indignity to a dead body in a Windsor, Ont., court on Friday.

William Connelly, 50, also pleaded to three breaches of probation. He was brought back into custody for being found with alcohol, a breach of his bail conditions.

Connelly was arrested in February on a charge of interfering with human remains. The victim was identified as Patricia Beaulieu, 46, who lived with Connelly at 1415 Lincoln Rd.

On Feb. 27, Connelly went to a friend's house, told him he had put his girlfriend's body under the house in a white blanket, and was looking for a way to move it to a landfill. The friend called police.

Beaulieu was found with packaging tape around her arms and legs. The court heard that this was part of a sex act the couple had done before and that Connelly was scared, and that's why he didn't call police.

Beaulieu died of a brain aneurysm, but what caused it remains undetermined. Court heard it could have been caused by a number of factors, including her heavy drug use.

Connelly loved girlfriend: lawyer

The judge said Connelly failed to do right by his dead girlfriend.

Defence lawyer Paul Esco said Connelly loved Beaulieu.

"He's a pretty outwardly tough fellow and he's shown a lot of sensitivity, but there's no excuse for what he did and he knows that, but he was frightened and he didn't think," said Esco.

The Crown called Connelly's actions "calculated and cowardly."

"If he had done nothing wrong then why didn't he just call 911?" said Walter Costa, deputy Crown attorney.

Just weeks earlier, Connelly pleaded guilty to a domestic assault involving Beaulieu, but Esco said he did so to avoid a lengthy trial, because Beaulieu wanted him back at home.

Esco said Connelly, a former garbage man and foreman for a fire safety equipment company, was the only one willing to take care of Beaulieu, given her crack cocaine habit.

In court, Connelly said he asked for forgiveness every single day.

He has already served about 2½ months of the nine-month sentence that the judge imposed. Connelly was also ordered to attend counselling for substance abuse, said Costa.