Part of a building under construction at the University of Windsor came crashing down early Friday morning.

The university wouldn't speculate on a cause but a superintendent working on the project told CBC News wind is to blame.

"That is what we assume as there was nobody here," said Ruud Meereboer.  "The steel structure fell over. Currently it is under investigation by our engineers to inquire the cause or what caused that failure."

The collapse happened at 4:30 a.m. and left several steel I-beams in a twisted heap.

Meereboer said the beams were intended to support the roof of what is to become the Innovation Centre office block, across the street from the new engineering building.

The site was not occupied at the time and no one was injured. The collapse was contained to the closed-off area of the construction site itself, which remains cordoned off at Wyandotte Street and California Avenue.

A contractor is investigating the collapse. The investigation should be complete by late Friday.

The project, which includes a seven-story parking garage, has a total budget of $25.8 million.