The Crown suggested Thursday that Kenyatta Brown was anxious to have a faceoff, a "square off," and that he had his knife ready when he faced Nicholas Ingram in the parking lot of a Windsor strip club in July 2009.

Brown is on trial for second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Ingram.

On Wednesday, Brown told the court he stabbed Ingram in self-defence.

But Crown attorney Shelly McGuire disputed that Thursday. She suggested Brown was looking for violence that night when he left the Leopard Lounge after a birthday party with friends.

Brown has testified several times that he was afraid of Devon Arthurs, who he said was also in the parking lot, and was carrying a gun.

McGuire told the court Brown was angry that night, not frightened. She pointed out a text-message exchange between Brown and an unidentified friend just hours before the stabbing.

"That piece of shit needs to be did," the friend said in a text message, referring to Arthurs.

"I know," Brown replied.

Brown told the court Thursday that Arthurs caused a lot of problems, and something needed to be done about it. 

"Something needs to be done about world hunger too. But I'm not going to Africa to start handing out friggin crackers," he said.

On the night of the killing, Brown said, he defended himself when Ingram and Arthurs approached him in the parking lot with weapons, Ingram with a knife, Arthurs with a gun.

Brown said starting a fight in the parking lot would have been stupid. His friends are not fighters, and he couldn't take on the two men alone.

McGuire asked why, if he was so scared, he never went to the police.

Brown said if he did that he'd be considered a rat, and he'd have more people after him.

After the killing, he said, he was afraid for his life, and didn't think to go to police then.

It wasn't until the next day that he turned himself in.