The Border City Brawlers roller derby club boasts 50 members. (Facebook)

The Border City Brawlers are desperate for a new home.

The roller derby league — which boasts about 50 members in Windsor — is about to lose its practice space.

The league has been using the Windsor Armouries to practise but renovations at the historic building mean a new space is needed by Feb. 1.

Spokeswoman Nicole Dupuis says despite using nicknames like Drop Dead Alice and Kim BashInjure, the women in the league are into competing and having fun — not hurting each other.

She says most of them practise twice a week and finding a place that meets space requirements and has a suitable floor has them in quite a jam.

The ideal site must be at least 743 square metres in a rectangular layout with no pillars.

The league began back in July 2010 and now has two house teams and a travel team, with competitors aged 18 to 48. New recruits are called "fresh meat."

Still, organizers emphasize the sport is about fun, fitness and safety.

"Because of its checkered past, we're having to educate people that this is a legitimate sport, that our bouts aren't scripted, that there are about 39 pages of rules," said Dupuis, also known as Venus de Massacre. "We don't clothesline each other, we don't punch each other. It's a fairly rigorous, full-contact sport for women."