There are body rub parlours in Windsor operating without licenses, as required by a city bylaw introduced about two years ago.

Michael Chantler, the city's deputy licence commissioner, encourages people who are aware of unlicensed establishments to call 311. He said the police morality unit will be called in to investigate.

"We work a lot with the morality unit of the Windsor police department to make sure that anybody who's operating, if they're captured under the bylaw, would come to us and make the proper application for a license," Chantler said.

Chantler said there are two body rub operations properly licensed. He believes there are others that are not but said his department does not have manpower to weed them out.

Besides licenses, the city bylaw also stipulates there can't be any two such establishments within a kilometre of each other.

"It naturally prevents a clustering and it also naturally limits the number of body parlours that can operate in any one geographical area," Chantler said.

The bylaw also says body rub parlours can only locate in properly zoned areas.