A local hardware store got its 15 minutes of fame on national television Tuesday night.

Sauve's Home Centre in Belle River appeared on the season premiere of CBC's The Big Decision.

The show rescues floundering businesses across Canada, and features two investors from CBC's The Dragons Den.


Jim Treliving (CBC's The Big Decision)

The fifth-generation family business was asking Jim Treliving, owner of Boston Pizza, for $1.2 million to relocate their store.


Sauve's Home Centre president Chris Sauve (CBC)

President Chris Sauve said the experience was well worth it because it helped him hand down the business to his children.

"I need to even step back further. I need to leave there and let them struggle with it," said Chris. "That's the only way. If they work out and they struggle, they'll succeed."

Manager Shawn Sauve watched the episode with about 60 friends and family at a Belle River restaurant.

The show aired a glimpse into how running a business with your family can take a toll on everyone.

"It's life, it's what it is," said Shawn. "There's a lot of dynamics in a family and sometimes things aren't smooth, and the show highlights that, but we all still love each other and that's what's it's all about. "

In the end, Treliving did not invest, and instead suggested the Sauves sell the property to a real estate developer.

Treliving said the family already has everything it needs to succeed.

The Big Decision also features Arlene Dickinson, who owns and runs Venture Communications.