Barn fire under control near Point Pelee National Park

The Leamington fire department is dealing with a fire at a barn near Point Pelee National Park on Tuesday night.
Barn fire in Leamington Tuesday night. (Darlene Burgess)

The Leamington fire department has a fire under control at a barn near Point Pelee National Park Tuesday night.

Deputy Chief Mike Ciacelli told CBC News the barn is located on a property that is in the 1600 block of Mersea Road C.

Darlene Burgess saw the fire directly from her window, about 1.6 kilometres from her house. 

"It was huge," she said. "We could see the flames shooting high. With my binoculars, I could see people, firefighters, walking around the white house to the west of the burning barn," said Burgess. 

Burgess sympathizes with the owners. 

"Being that almost everyone out here has a kind of hits home," she said. "It's a sinking feeling in your gut watching that." 

That road was closed between Mersea Road 12 and Mersea Road 19.

Kingsville and Lakeshore fire departments assisted.