Baby born in Windsor parking lot

A traffic jam forced a couple to deliver their baby in an auto supplies company parking lot Wednesday morning.
Samantha Weiler weighed seven pounds six ounces when she was born in a Windsor, Ont. parking lot early Wednesday morning. ((Dennis Porter/CBC))

Some people listen to the radio when they get stuck in traffic.

A couple in Windsor, Ont. gave birth instead.

At about 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Adam and Melanie Weiler, who was in labour, were rushing to Windsor Regional Hospital to deliver their baby when a traffic jam brought them to a halt.

Desperate, and with the baby well on its way, the couple pulled into the parking lot of a nearby auto supply company. Samantha Weiler, weighing seven pounds six ounces, was born just minutes later.

Baby 'popped out'

"I heard somebody yell out 'I see the baby's head!' " said Greg Marentette, the owner of Cross Canada Auto Body Supply, where the couple stopped.

Adam Weiler, centre, says he caught his infant daughter after she 'just popped out' of his wife. ((Ali Mohamud))

"So I ran over to the car, and I saw the father, next to his wife, with the head coming out," he said. "Seconds later, the rest of the baby came out."

"It just popped out, and I caught her in my arms," Adam Weiler told CBC News.

The parents cleared the baby's airway, while Marentette helped wrap the baby in towels he fetched from his shop.

"We had to try to keep the heat on the baby so it would keep it warm," Adam said.

Ambulance crews rushed to the scene and both mother and daughter were taken separately to hospital.

The Weilers already have a four-year-old son and that was "a normal, easy delivery," Adam said.

This one was overwhelming.

"I think I broke down at one point," he said. "The adrenaline was just going through me so fast that I actually had to stop and breathe once the ambulances took the two girls away."