In light of the GM ignition switch recall, many owners of used cars may not be aware if there is a recall on their vehicle.

A Windsor used car salesman has some advice for people in this situation.

Mickey Cleroux at AutoMaxx suggests his customers get the vehicle registered in their name, at a local dealership of the corresponding brand.

"When you get your first oil change, go to the dealer, let the dealer know that you are the new purchaser of that vehicle and have them put your name in the system as the owner of the vehicle," said Cleroux. "That way, if there are any recalls, they'll know who to notify."

Cleroux said it's the standard practice at his business to check for any recalls whenever they buy a car and get the free repairs done before the vehicle is sold again.

All the dealers have a similar system, and Bobby Stewart at Motor City Chrysler said it applies to all recalls.

"This is the site. It's called Dealer Connect, and pretty much we would log your VIN number in to our system," said Stewart.

He said the site also covers updates on issues that are not safety related.

"Sometimes, there will be a rapid response. You'll find rapid responses on Dealer Connect as well and that could be an update for a radio," said Stewart.

If car owners want to research a car before you buy it to see if it has been recalled in Canada, Transport Canada has the Road Safety Recalls Database, but it only applies to safety recalls.

The site lists information on more than 28,000 recalls that have been issued since 1970.