Windsor Police are warning the number of auto break-ins is on the rise.

Police said 400 cars in the city have been broken into since September.

With the busy holiday season here officers said that number could continue to grow if shoppers aren't careful.

Myles Soulliere clearly remembers all the details when his car was broken into six months ago on Windsor's west end. His glove box was open and personal items were strewn throughout the car.

"You just feel a little bit violated in terms of someone going through your own property," he said. "At the same time, my car was unlocked so it was kind of my own fault, as well.

"If you give them the opportunity, someone will take it. I just learned my lesson and started to lock my car."

Soulliere now organizes neighbourhood watch programs in Windsor and said the city needs more.

"It's not about patrolling your streets at night, it's just about getting your neighbours on board and communicating with them telling them this is what happened to me and hopefully we can prevent crime that way," Soulliere said.

Windsor Police Sgt. Matt D'asti said there are other ways to prevent auto break-ins.

He said people should not leave items of value, including spare change and cigarettes, in plain sight, even if the car door is locked.

"Doors are locked but that's not going to prevent anybody if they want it," D'asti said. "The only thing that prevents them from getting at that immediately is a piece of glass. We know that's not difficult for them to take and break that item."

Police said the number of auto break-ins increases during the holiday season, especially in mall parking lots.

Police will be at Devonshire Mall on Friday, urging Windsorites to "lock it or lose it."