One Windsor city councillor wants a new attendance policy, after Monday's weekly council meeting almost didn't happen because too few councillors showed up.

Windsor has 10 city councillors and at least five of those councillors must be on hand to have what's called a quorum, or the minimum attendance to hold a meeting.

Council was supposed to meet in-camera before the regular meeting, but at that time there weren't enough of them there, so that session was cancelled.

By 6 p.m., when the regular meeting was to begin, there were five councillors present, just enough to have a meeting. A sixth councillor was also present, but was acting as mayor in place of the absent Eddie Francis.

"I've been concerned for quite some time about attendance at meetings at council," said Ward 3 Coun. Alan Halberstadt, who added council should have to follow city attendance rules.

"If people are not attending on a regular basis, I think that if it can apply to our employees it should also apply to city council."

Several items put over a week

Mayor Eddie Francis was away on business, while councillors Bill Marra, Ken Lewenza Jr. and Joanne Gignac had called or emailed ahead of time to say that they would not be present. Councillor Drew Dilkens also did not show up for the meeting, but the city clerk didn't know why.

Present were Fulvio Valentinis, Dave Brister, Alan Halberstadt, Percy Hatfield, Caroline Postma and Ron Jones.

During the regular meeting one of the items on the delegation agenda involving St. Clair College was derailed, after both Fulvio Valentinis and Dave Brister had to declare a conflict as they both work at the college.

Councillor Alan Halberstadt then asked for a deferral on the matter to next week, stating that although it was technically legal to vote Monday night, it would be better to wait until more councillors were present.

"It's always a concern when you defer items the items that were before us tonight that were deferred to next week," said Councillor Fulvio Valentinis, who took the mayor's place while Francis is away on city business.

Several councillors remarked in jest that next week's meeting would have to begin three hours early to accommodate all the business moved over from Monday.