For the second consecutive day, Windsor recorded a record low temperature.

The mercury dipped to -25.2 C early Tuesday morning. That smashed the previous record of -20.6 C, set in 1942, by nearly five degrees.

"We're now just getting a taste for what's been happening a lot more frequently in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Ontario. I think it really brings to the point just the variability of the weather we can get in the southwest," Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson said. "So we're dealing with record-breaking temperatures, very cold wind chills over the next couple of days, and yet by the weekend, we're right back to above-freezing conditions."

Coulson said the wind chill warning will likely remain in effect until sometime tomorrow.

Monday, the temperature fell to -25 C breaking the old record -18.4 C, set in 1988.