A grassroots movement is underway to save Adie Knox pool.

The pool is slated to close at the end of December, essentially being replaced by the new $77-million downtown aquatic centre.

A group of seniors has now banded together to fight the closure of Adie Knox.

Doug Peddle and Rene Jacques started a petition to save the pool last month. It now has 1,700 signatures.

"You've got the senior centre right down the road, the come here, they swim, they go over there to have lunch, to meet with their friends, I mean it's a community," Peddle said.

Jacques accused the city of "disrupting a family" and "putting us out of our home."

The city initially hoped seniors would make the downtown aquatic centre their new home. Impossible, some seniors say. They say some can't afford the parking downtown.

The growing number of angry of seniors caught the city off guard. It's now floating the idea of holding off on closing the pool.

"I'm not surprised that we got the petition, what struck me is the numbers," Coun. Bill Marra said. "My attitude is that if we need to take a moratorium on the closure date, I think we should have that discussion."

Mayor Eddie Francis said he is ready to listen to those against closing Adie Knox.

"If they come forward with a proposal that's viable for them to assume the operations, I indicated to them we'd be willing to make that deal," Francis said.

It will be a month or more before a decision to postpone the closure of Adie Knox is made.

Marra said discussions surrounding that would happen during council's budget deliberations. They are slated for December.