Travelers will soon be able to find some peace and quiet when they take the train from Detroit to Chicago.

Amtrak will start offering a "Quiet Car" on its Wolverine route, starting next Aug. 19.

Passengers in a quiet car are asked to refrain from engaging in loud conversation or using cellphones or noisy computer programs.

"Passenger conversation must be in quiet, subdued tones, and should be limited. Passengers who want to carry on extended conversations should move to another car," a statement on Amtrak's website says. "Passengers may not make or receive calls on cellular phones, including smartphones. If a call must be made or answered, the passenger must move to another car."

Even passengers using headphones "must keep the volume low enough so that the audio cannot be heard by other passengers," according to the website.

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

It will be offered on weekdays and is available on trains in some other places served by Amtrak.