Last year, Robbie Taylor of Amherstburg had to remove 30 racing pigeons from his residential property. (CBC)

A teenage boy in Amherstburg may be able to train racing pigeons in his residential neighbourhood after all.

Last year, bylaw officers ordered Robbie Taylor to remove about 30 pigeons from his backyard coop.

Under the town's current by-law, "the keeping or raising  of any livestock or poultry on any lot or in any building or structure except where agriculture is a permitted use. This provision shall not prevent the keeping of up to three (3) of any type of household pets such as dogs, cats, gerbils, birds etc.”

Taylor began a petition to keep his birds.

Monday, deputy mayor Ron Sutherland requested the town's planning department look into making an exception.

Sutherland said the boy has the backing of neighbours, who have signed the petition.

"For some young entrepreneur that has the foresight to do something like this, and he's good at it, apparently, I think that we should at least give him a shot at it. So we'll change the bylaw to a certain extent," Sutherland said.