Amherstburg Crown Royal plant to relocate 2 lines to U.S.

Changes are coming to the Diageo Canada liquor bottling plant in Amherstburg.

Changes are coming to the Diageo Canada liquor bottling plant in Amherstburg.

Employees were notified that some of the existing work will be moved to two other plants.

In September, the company will also relocate two bottling lines, including the specialty products line and the Crown Royal U.S. bar products. 

The company says it's searching for ways to improve operations to make production more cost effective. It's not known how many jobs will be affected by the changes. More than 200 people work at the Amherstburg plant. Several others are currently laid off.

CAW Local 2098 union reps will meet with company officials Friday to get more information about the changes.

Two years ago, the CAW and Diageo worked out a three year contract that guaranteed $1 million in plant upgrades.

Diageo Canada Inc., one of the biggest employers in Amherstburg.