It will soon cost more to cross the Ambassador Bridge.

The bridge company has posted the increase on its website.

Starting Thursday, the toll for cars, vans, motorcycles and empty pickup trucks will jump from $4.75 to $5 in both Canadian and U.S. funds.

Buses, larger trucks and cars pulling trailers are charged higher tolls.

Dan Stamper, president of the Detroit International Bridge Company, says the toll increase is needed to help with the cost of maintaining the crossing.

Windsor West NDP MP and Border Critic Brian Masse has taken exception to the increase and written Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt to complain.

In the letter, Masse calls the increase "an additional border tax that will take money out of the pockets of travelers, commuters and businesses."

"I am urging you to investigate whether a toll increase is warranted at this time," Masse wrote. "In this case, it may be useful to appoint an independent third party to analyze the business case justifying the toll increase."

Masse claims the bridge is "the most expensive land based international crossing for cars and trucks in Ontario."

At the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, cash tolls from Windsor to Detroit will remain at $4.50 and from Detroit to Windsor at $4.75 in both Canadian and U.S. funds.

Electronic tolls will remain at $3.85 US and Canadian going either direction.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis, who chairs the Windsor Tunnel Commission isn't sure whether the fare hike at the bridge will send more traffic through the tunnel.

He says the volume of traffic at the tunnel has already been on the rise.

"Ridership has been steadily improving, and year-to-year our numbers have increased," he said. "We continue to focus on improving the customer experience, making it hassle-free as possible."