Allied Systems transport yard on Provincial Road sold

The former Allied Systems auto hauling transport yard that used to haul Chrysler minivans has been sold.

Yard was used to haul Chrysler minivans until 2011

Allied Systems transport yard on Provinvial Road that was carried Chrysler minivans has been sold. (Amy Dodge/CBC )

The former Allied Systems auto hauling transport yard that used to haul Chrysler minivans has been sold.

Chrysler contracted Allied Systems to haul its minivans up until 2011, when it severed ties with the company.

The 15-hectare plot located on Provincial Road, next to the Lowe's building centre has been vacant for several years. 

President of Local 444, Dino Chiodo, said a company by the name of Black Diamond Financial Group out of the U.S., has bought the land, but he's not sure what's going to happen to the property. 

"The property has been vacant for about two years now so it's a little bit of a challenge really to identify because they'll have to [take] soil samples because of the amount of work that's done there, with the diesel fuels and the oils and stuff like that, so I don't know the contamination of the property I'm sure it has to be tested," said Chiodo

He also said the company buys distressed properties, but he isn't sure whether the company will invest in it or re-sell it for profit. 

Several calls placed by CBC Windsor to Black Diamond were not immediately returned.

"Allied used to move a lot of product for the traditional big three, Ford Chrysler, GM, and again they were moving a lot o product for Toyota an Honda as well, so this could be inspiring information to be able to say that, that yard could be used again to move product, but right now I don' think the capacity is needed," said Chiodo. 

Chrysler told CBC News it already has its own transport arm of the company stationed in Windsor and has what it needs to meet their auto hauling demands.

The Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation has declined to comment on the sale.


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