Alleged fraudulent auto dealer calls police, media 'racist'

Auto dealer Jamal Hazime accuses Windsor Police as being racist and will fight the fraud charges against him.

Auto dealer Jamal Hazime is in Beirut but vows to fight multiple fraud charges against him

A Windsor auto dealer charged with fraud maintains he is innocent, accuses Windsor Police and media of being racist and vows to return to Canada from Lebanon to fight the charges against him.

Jamal Hazime and two people who worked for him at Big 3 Pre-owned Auto Sales and 5 Diamond Motors are facing multiple counts of fraud and forgery.

Hazime is now in Beirut. A warrant for his arrest has been issued. And the investigation continues.

"The commotion is only because I am an Arab, Lebanese. They are not looking at me as a Canadian citizen with wife and children," Hazime told Lebanon's The Daily Star. "Police have a vendetta against me."

Hazime was given permission by the court to visit his ailing mother in Lebanon earlier this fall. He failed to return as promised on Nov. 3.

Accused says he's recovering from stroke

Hazime told The Daily Star he failed to return to Canada because he now requires medical assistance after suffering a minor stroke and a mental breakdown following his mother’s illness.

Hazime told the paper he will return to Canada once he recovers.

"I am an innocent man," Hazime told The Daily Star. "I am going back and I will fight and prepare for the city of Windsor because I believe in the system," said Hazime, who left his hometown in Baalbek for Canada 14 years ago. "There is no justice on earth like the one in Canada."

Windsor Police Staff Sgt. Gerry Corriveau said a detective has talked to Hazime in Beirut and believes he is working at Kanaan Auto there.

Repeated attempts made by the CBC to reach someone at Kanaan Auto earlier this week were met with hangups.