This July could down as one of the coolest on record, of late.

That's bad news for air condition repair companies.

The normal high temperature in Windsor this time of year is 28 C.

Looking ahead, the temperature isn't expected to hit that number once during the last few days of the month.

It means July would only see two days of 30-degree heat.

Jim Bessey says service calls to his air conditioning business are down about 20 per cent this summer.

"The summer's been definitely off as far as service goes and replacement. People aren't turning their air conditioners on as much this year," he said. "If we're depending on service and installations this year, you would definitely be on the starving end of the food chain, that's for sure."

At wholesalers, like LK Metal, the boxes that cover air conditioning unit are piling up.

"It's the end of July in a week or so, and we should be moving these like crazy, but everything's way down this year," Noah Hawkeswood said. "Nobody's gonna put an air conditioner in the last week of August, knowing they've got a whole three quarters of a year before they're gonna need it again, so sales are down. We've got inventory piling up pretty good."

Business in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field was booming just a few months ago, during one of the coldest Windsor winters on record.

The extremely cold January made for one of the busiest months on record for local furnace repair companies.

Some heating and cooling repair companies had their employees working up to 16-hour days.

Bryant Heating and Cooling said in January it was the busiest month the company had in 15 years.