Ahmadiyya Muslims were out to spread a message of peace on the weekend.

Local members went door to door to promote the national Love for All, Hatred for None campaign.

Members of the faith want people to know that terrorism and violence have no place in their religion.

Dr. Aleem Khan was leading the Windsor group.

"We’re trying to dispel that myth that many people [think] Islam is a religion of violence. We categorically reject any violence, especially in the name of Islam or religion," Khan said.

Khan said there is "no place for violence or jihad with sword in Islam."

Khan called the Boston Marathon bombings "heinous" and said it was only a coincidence the group was spreading a message of peace after the Boston incident.

The Love for All, Hatred of None campaign is an annual, nationwide event. The campaign happened in some 80 communities across the country.

Waseem Kaleem had his whole family join in spreading the message.   

"We are trying to convey the right message of Islam. We don't believe in any terrorism or anything like that," he said. "We, in the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, believe in peace and blessings"

Stan Whittaker was one of many in Windsor who was willing to hear what the group had to say.     

"I'm sure the peace part of it is important right now because of all the things going on," he said. "You can't believe that everybody is bad just because a few are."

Khan called the campaign "a wonderful experience."

"Most of the people in our community are very friendly and very appreciative of what we were doing in promoting peace," he said. "When people know what the actual beliefs [of Islam] are, they will be more comfortable."