With the Olympic opening ceremony underway, Meghan Agosta's parents are preparing to head to South Korea.

Meghan is playing in her 4th Olympics as a veteran left winger. She and the rest of the Canadian women's hockey team play their first game against Russia Sunday morning.

Neither of her parents are in her home town of Ruthven right now.

Agosta's mom Char is visiting another of her daughters in British Columbia, and her dad is teaching at a school in Nunavut.

CBC's Windsor Morning reached Nino Agosta on the phone in Rankin Inlet.

"The kids here are very, very excited. Actually, a lot of them know my daughter Meghan and are familiar with the Olympic team and they're very excited for me," said Nino. "They've all kinds of questions and it'd be nice if I could take 'em with me, but unfortunately that's not gonna happen. It's nice to know that even people up in Arctic here are proud Canadians, as well."

Nino and Char will board a plane on Sunday — something they've done at three previous Olympic games.