Aggressive panhandlers a concern to Windsor residents, police

Windsor police are concerned about the number of calls they get about homeless people or panhandlers downtown.

WIndsor Police, local agencies working together to reduce number of people living on the streets

Windsor police are concerned about the number of calls they get about homeless people or panhandlers downtown because they can be aggressive.

Officials say almost 140 people have called police so far this year to complain about panhandlers.

Michael Langlois, a police superintendent, said it is, in fact, a police matter.

If the homeless individuals become aggressive, then it becomes a police problem- Michael Langlois, police superintendent

"It very much is a socio-economic problem. We recognize that," he said. "But, if the homeless individuals become aggressive then it becomes a police problem."

Langlois said police have taken steps to tackle the issue.

They're working with agencies such as the homeless coalition, crime prevention committee and the downtown business improvement association.

"It goes without saying that they're going to continue to beg or they're going to continue to set up at different locations, in particular in the downtown core," he said.  "It's just common sense to me that if they weren't getting any income at all, then they simply wouldn't."

Langlois said some panhandlers can take in $300 a day.

If people feel intimidated, he suggests they should call police.


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