Adventure Bay, the family water park at Windsor's new downtown swimming complex. will open to the public Jan. 18.

Plans for what the city called a "soft opening" this weekend followed by a public opening on Dec. 30, have been pushed back.

Mayor Eddie Francis says two of the water attractions still need safety certification by a provincial inspection  body.

There was a delay in the inspectors coming down from Toronto because of the ice storm.

The Master Blaster and the Whizzard need approval.

"It's a unique feature. It's a rollercoaster on water," Francis said of the Master Blaster.

Jan Wilson, the executive director of recreation and culture for the City of Windsor, says the water park created a buzz during the International Children's Games.

"Everyone's eyes were glued to the work that was going on in the water park. People were asking about it. They were very interested in coming back to Windsor to enjoy it," Wilson said. "We had people say they were definitely going to come back whether or not there was a swim meet.  They wanted to come back and enjoy the water park."