The City of Windsor is set to unveil new rules at Adventure Bay after some parents have complained the supervision requirements are too strict. 

Under the current rules any person under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Jan Wilson, the executive director of recreation and culture, said the city is looking to change the rules. 

"Based on our experience and observations and the feedback from our own lifeguards and staff that are in the building, [they] are recommending some changes and modifications and feel that we can make some adjustments," said Wilson. "So it's that pre-teen age group that we've received the most concern."

She said at other city pools, children between eight years old and 10 years old can swim unsupervised if they pass a swimming test.

"We're just finalizing that review and we do expect by the weekend we'll have some new recommendations [for Adventure Bay] and with that we'll put that on our website and provide information to our families who attend at the water park," said Wilson.